Hotel Quality Bedding

If you are looking for Hotel Quality Bedding, then look no further.

Between our three collections we’ve got something for every taste and pocket.

The essentials range gives you the comfort of pure Egyptian cotton with none of the added extras. It’s about the quality of the material and nothing else.

With the Indulgence range we begin to introduce some of the added extras. The bed linen in this collection has higher cotton thread counts and more luxurious styling.

Our ‘Hotel Chic’ collection is where we bring something very special indeed. It’s a range that looks and feels both elegant and indulgent. That’s because of the high cotton thread counts and classic styling.

Our Hotel Bedding Sets have a soft feel and great visual appeal. Both the Capri and the Sicily bedding sets offer the ultimate in affordable luxury, but neither are showy or ostentatious.

With the Capri bedding sets it’s all about the simplicity and elegance of a tailored stripe. That’s the best way to showcase the quality of the material. And with Sicily, it about the super silky sateen finish with exquisite embroidery representing the ultimate in luxury bedlinen.

All our products will last a lifetime if you take care of them in the correct way. It makes a lot of sense to spend more on your bed linen after all be using it every day.

And whilst It may cost a little more, but when you average it out over the lifetime of the product, the investment in a good night’s sleep is well worth it.

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Sicily is crafted with a triple row of immaculate embroidery in a stunning bronze colour, providing the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite bed linen range.

Enjoy the silky luxury of the finest 600 thread count Egyptian cotton in duvet covers, pillowcases and flat sheets to create a stunning layered finish.

Hotel Quality Bedding You Can Trust:

The great hotel experience isn’t so exclusive anymore, thanks to the ‘Hotel Chic’ range.

Our hotel quality bedding collection is everything you need to get that boutique experience. We’re offering you the ability to create the complete hotel experience in the comfort of your own home.

There are several things that set Mediterranean Linens’ hotel bedding range apart. They’ve got premium designs providing 5-star comfort and we only use the best raw materials and the best production techniques.

This material has the Egyptian cotton gold seal. That’s a guarantee of authenticity so you can be sure of its unrivalled strength and softness.

A 600 cotton thread count gives a greater quantity of the finest yarns woven into each square inch of fabric. That’s the key to increased softness and durability. All our ‘Hotel Chic’ range comprises crisp white Egyptian cotton bedding – true to the luxury hotel experience.

Our hotel quality collections are top of the range where we bring you the very best in affordable luxury.