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Best Pillow Protectors in the UK

If you want to help preserve the long-term quality of your pillows and help limit wear and tear, a pillow protector is an efficient solution. Creating a physical layer between the pillow and the environment, your pillow is protected from common impurities such as body odour, sweat, dead skin cells and dust.

Part of our duvet and pillow collection, our complete selection of pillow protection includes quilted microfibre pillow protectors that provide substantial protection and an additional layer of support, as well as our range of waterproof pillow protectors, providing the extra security of a waterproof backing to guard against spills and stains.

The quilted design also means that our pillow protectors provide extra support and comfort.

Like all Mediterranean Linens bedding, our pillow protectors have been designed to the highest standards. Pair with our mattress protectors for full night-time protection.

Why Should You Use Pillow Protection?

Pillow protection is an efficient method of prolonging the life and maintaining the condition of your pillows. It achieves this by creating a layer of protection between the pillow and the external environment, helping to maintain an excellent standard of hygiene by reducing the amount of sweat, body odour, dust and other contaminants that reach it.

Dust mites also find it difficult to thrive on a pillow that’s guarded by a waterproof pillow protector, since it helps reduce the amount of moisture, which is fundamental to their survival and in turn helps to limit their presence.

Another benefit of using a pillow protector is that they provide and an additional layer of quilted comfort and support, helping to enhance the night-time experience almost instantly.