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Best Pillow Protection in the UK

Pillow Protection preserve the quality of your pillows and help limit wear and tear. It’s difficult to clean a pillow so a protector, which forms an effective barrier, can make life a lot easier.

Our complete selection of pillow protection includes quilted microfibre pillow protectors.

The microfibers act as a barrier to prevent liquids from getting on to the pillow. The quilted design means that our pillow protectors provide extra support and comfort.

Pair with our mattress protectors for full night-time protection.

Why Should You Use Pillow Protection?

A pillow protector is a great way to prolong the life and condition of your pillows. They create a barrier between the pillow and the environment which helps keep things clean.

Dust mites also find it difficult to thrive on a pillow that’s covered with a pillow protector.  It reduces the amount of moisture in contact with the pillow and that prevents mites.

Out pillow protectors have a quilted layer. That means they also provide extra comfort, helping to give that good night’s sleep.