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Pure Egyptian Cotton Flat Sheets

Once you’ve tried a pure Egyptian Cotton sheet, you won’t want to sleep in any other quality.

It’s well known that Egyptian Cotton is some of the finest cotton in the world, but most people don’t realise why. The answer has to do with the long length of the individual fibres. These fibres produce strong, fine threads that create natural air pockets when woven. This fine material has superior insulating qualities keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

On top of that it’s a material that wicks away moisture from the skin while you sleep. That’s what people mean when they talk about breathable materials.

With our flat sheets you get all those benefits woven into a stylish piece of bed linen that can bring something unique to your interior decoration.

The sheets are one of the most important elements of your bed linen. If you’re only going to upgrade one thing it should be the sheets. A sheet of Egyptian cotton makes a fantastic gift because it’ll last a lifetime. When you think of it like that, even the most expensive ones are incredible value for money.

Our sheets are all made with sustainability in mind. They don’t use synthetic materials so they don’t pollute the environment with microplastics every time you wash them. Cotton is 100 % natural and biodegradable; synthetic materials can take 100s of years to break down. When our sheets reach the end of their life they break down and return to the earth, naturally.