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Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheets

What are Valance Sheets?

These are a special type of sheet that covers the sides of the bed beneath the mattress. They have extra material that hangs down to form a skirt around the sides of the bed.

You can use this type of sheet to help carry the interior decoration throughout the room. Our valance sheets can help you achieve a simple, unfussy look in the bedroom by creating continuity between the floor, the linen and the bed itself.

This type of sheet is much more than a way to disguise under bed storage. It brings a level of sophistication to a room that is difficult to achieve otherwise. The cotton sheets in our Monaco range also have subtle styling and textures which can add a hint of refined glamour to your bedroom.

We make our fitted valance sheets from the same pure Egyptian cotton as the rest of our products. That means they’re soft to the touch but strong enough to last a lifetime.

For those wanting to recreate at home the experience of staying in the world’s greatest hotels, a valance sheet can help. They are particularly suited to rooms with hard wood floors and exposed boards because they can soften the transition between the bed and the floor.

You can also use a valance sheet in the opposite way.

By choosing complementary or contrasting tones to the rest of the bedding, they can add a band of colour which helps draw the eye to a focal point in the room.