Towels & Bathrobe Buying Guide

Our Towels and Bathrobe Buying Guide will help you understand all about towels and bathrobes and how to look after and care for your products.

You will notice that the term ‘gsm’ is often used to describe a towel or bath robe product.  The weight of a towel is measured by the GSM (grams per square metre).

Typically, the higher the GSM, the better performance you will have from the towel in terms of absorbency and it will look and feel fluffier.

Looking after your products

  • We recommend that new towels and robes should be washed before use, as it takes several washes to achieve their maximum absorbency & softness. It also prevents threads pulling.
  • Shake out towels before loading into the washing machine to allow the washing liquor to penetrate.
  • Always wash white goods on their own to prevent dye contamination. Detergents containing optical whiteners will improve the visual whiteness of white cotton goods.
  • Coloured products should be washed with items of a similar colour. Do not use detergents that contain optical brighteners as this will mask the true shade and diminish the colour.
  • Washing in hard water may give a harsh feel to your towels.
  • Fabric conditioner can be used to improve the aroma and softness of your towels but use only small amounts as softener can lubricate fibres, reducing absorbency and can lead to fibre loss.
  • Do not over dry towels in the tumble dryer. This can lead to a dull, grey appearance and shrinkage.If you see a stray pulled loop on your towel/robe please cut off with a pair of scissors, this will not damage the item.Do not use towels to clean up bathroom spills or wipe down after cleaning. Bathroom detergents and some beauty products, such as cleansers contain bleaching agents may cause permanent discolouration to your towel/robe.Some hair dye and other beauty therapy chemicals contain Benzyl Peroxide which can cause some colours to be destroyed resulting in a discoloured towel.