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Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Add a touch of elegance into your bedroom with our Egyptian cotton fitted sheets. You can have all the comfort and elegance of our certified Egyptian cotton, but with the assurance that it’ll stay in place all night.

You can choose between the Monaco extra deep version or the standard sized Valencia. We make both varieties with pure Egyptian cotton, handpicked from the cradle of civilisation, the banks of the Nile. These products mix time honoured traditions, with state-of-the-art production techniques. That means you’ll be getting the very best of both worlds.

Valencia gives you the fantastic quality of Egyptian cotton with no added extras, just amazing bed linen. These sheets are perfect for bringing a little  extra comfort and style into your everyday life. This is an affordable luxury that really benefits from everyday use. If you look after them well, they’ll soften and become even more comfortable with age making them a great investment.

With fitted sheets, it’s more important to get the correct size. If you have a deeper mattress or you use a mattress topper, then you’ll want the extra depth of the Monaco sheets. This product is part of the Indulgence range, and it’s here that you’ll begin to find out exactly what’s possible.

When you sleep on a bed made with 400 thread count cotton you’ll never want to go back to a cotton and polyester mix. And when you wake, you’ll cry to sleep again. We make our Monaco sheets using a special sateen weave giving our sheets a silky, luxurious feel and because they’re made of quality Egyptian cotton, they won’t bobble or pill.