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Egyptian Cotton Standard Pillowcases

A standard pillowcase from Mediterranean Linens is anything but standard. You can make your room look cosy by layering your bed with a few extra pillows to make it look inviting and cosy. When you choose our products, you get top quality cotton from a sustainable source.

Your pillow is one of the most important parts of your bed.

Have you ever tried turning the pillow over in bed at night, so you’ve got the fresh, cooler side next to your face? With a high thread count cotton pillow case you get that feeling all the time. Our standard pillowcases are available in pairs from the 3 different collections. The pillowcases in our Essential range are made from  200 thread count cotton and they’re available in 7 fashionable colours. The Indulgence range introduces higher cotton thread counts of up to 400. And the Hotel Chic range takes things to the next level with a sumptuous 600 cotton thread count, guaranteed to look and feel amazing.

Our standard pillowcases offer an authentic experience of pure Egyptian cotton. You’ll be able to achieve a divine level of comfort for a relaxing night’s rest.

We offer a full range of bedding with a variety of thread counts. But what ever range you choose, Essential, Indulgence, or Hotel Chic, you can be sure of a good night’s sleep. In terms of comfort, Egyptian cotton is super breathable, light and airy. It’s a natural material with no man-made fibres. It’s all sustainably sourced and produced so there’s no need to worry about the environmental consequences of your purchase. We’ve got you covered so you can sleep soundly.