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Zero Twist Towels

Our zero twist towels are naturally soft. Coming out of the bath or shower is no longer a chore when using these products because the fabric glides effortlessly and warmly around your body.

Plus, the Zero Twist variety, although absorbent, do not just soak up moisture. They feel as if they simply remove and dissipate moisture from your skin, preventing that feeling of rubbing damp cloth over yourself you get from inferior towels.

Other towels can also feel heavy to hold. However, the Zero Twist variety are made from a less dense woven pile, feel light and comfortable to hold and use. They will also not weigh down bathroom rails or increase the weight of laundry baskets.

Furthermore, cleaning these towels is not an issue. On a gentle setting, they can easily be machine washed and tumble-dried ensuring that the soft luxury of these towels can be easily maintained.

600 gsm Towels

Our range offers 600 gsm towels, an ideal weight which offers maximum absorbency with sumptuous luxury, in three iconic shades; white, cream and slate grey.

Mediterranean Linens offers a range of zero twist cotton towels including hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets. All towels are available in a selection of popular neutral shades to ensure they complement almost any type of bathroom design or interior décor.