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Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

Upgrading your pillows is a great way to improve your bedtime experience. And Egyptian cotton pillowcases is a very special addition to any bedroom.

Something as small and simple as a pillowcase can have an incredible effect on how you sleep. When you lay your head down at night, there’s nothing like that cooling sensation of a cotton pillowcase. You can choose from either of standard or oxford styles, whichever suits your room and your preference.

Our pillowcases are available in a range of patterns and colours. You can choose between seven earth neutral tones in our essentials collection. Or there’s the floral Antibes patterns and the subtle circular repetitions of the Avignon range.

If you’ve got a bedding set from the Essentials range, why not get a separate set of Hotel Chic pillowcases? That way you can still recreate a part of that luxury hotel experience.

By ordering pillowcases separately you can mix and match to create your own style. If you choose plain pillowcases in a neutral white they won’t clash with the other items in your room. The Essentials range comes in 7 different shades from subtle grey to warm ivory and dusky pale pink. All these natural tones can work on their own or in combination to create layers of colour and texture in your bedroom.

On this page of the website you can see the entire range at a glance. Hover over an image to see the product in more detail.