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Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Add elegance and comfort to your bedroom with our exquisite selection of Egyptian cotton Duvet Covers. We make all our duvet covers to the highest standards. When you’re working with pure Egyptian Cotton you have to treat it with the respect it deserves.

It’s important to choose the right duvet cover because it’s the part of bed linen which is most in contact with your body as you sleep. It’s also the most visible part of the bed, making it a vital element of your interior decoration.

You might spend hours researching and choosing the right curtains, the right furniture, carpet. Choosing the right duvet cover is just as important, perhaps more so.

We’ve got options in each of our three signature ranges. Our Hotel Chic range offer the style and quality you would expect in a boutique hotel. They offer all the style and comfort you’d expect, and they’ll last a lifetime if you take care of them.

You can also select from our range of plain dyes, jacquards and embroidered designs. These styles are part of our Essentials or Indulgence ranges.

You can buy our covers in single double, king size, and super king. Use the product filter panel on the right hand side of the page to select the attributes you’re looking for. You can choose a price range using the slider interface and from there you’ll see the products that match your requirements.