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Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases

Create that inviting tailored look with Egyptian cotton pillowcases in the Oxford style. Oxford pillowcases have a decorative frame around the edge. It’s a design feature that lends an element of traditional style.

We make our Oxford pillowcases to the highest standards from 100% Egyptian cotton. They come in different shades and styles to match with your interior décor and create your own style.

Mediterranean Linens Oxford Pillowcases come in all three of our signature collections. The Essential Collection offers everyday luxury. Coming in a range of styles and colours, these are products you can trust and rely on, day in day out.

Taking a step up, we’ve got the indulgence collection. These products come in an array of fashionable shades and thread counts ranging from 200 to 400.

If you’re looking for something very special indeed, then look to the Hotel Chic range. Our Hotel Chic Oxford pillowcases have a luxurious thread count of 600

Our Egyptian cotton is grown, spun and manufactured in the beautiful Nile delta. It’s grown by farmers who take care and pride in their work. Cotton is more than a way of life and living for them. It’s their culture and heritage. We take that material and create amazing bedding with it.