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Bounceback Pillow 700 gsm


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Experience real comfort with the Bounceback Pillow. Our bounce back pillows contain spiral-shaped hollow fibres. These are soft, yet robust enough to spring back into shape every time. This pillow will keep its shape and texture even after washing.

A bounce back pillow also gives more resistance to your body when you’re lying down. They are perfect for anyone looking for more support for the head and neck.

Main Features: 

  • Bounceback Filling
  • 700 gsm
  • Machine Washable
  • Single Pillow


Only 1 left in stock

Product Description

Features of the Bounceback Pillow

Machine Washable Design:

Weighing 700 gsm, this is a lightweight, machine washable pillow.

We’ve designed the soft microfibre cover to be quick drying so cleaning is simple. The bounceback filling allows it to recover its shape after a cycle in the washing machine.

This pillow also offers great comfort because it gives extra support for the head and neck.

Spiral-Shaped Filling:

Unlike regular pillows, these will preserve their bounce and stay plump for longer. if you’re tired of limp, flat pillows that disappear when you lie on them, then this is the technology for you.

What is a Bounceback Pillow?

A bounceback pillow preserves its shape and feel, looking fuller. Even after continuous use, these pillows keep their shape.

The stuffing consists of microfibre spirals. When you compress them they recover their original shape straight away.

These are the ideal solution for anyone tired with limp and lifeless pillows. Even after a full cycle in the washing machine, these pillows pop back into shape.

Additional Information

Dimensions 74 × 48 cm





700 gsm

Cover Composition

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Fill Composition

100% Bounce back fibres



Washing Instructions

Do not Dry Clean, Do not bleach, Washable up to 60°C in a large capacity machine

Drying Instructions

Tumble dry on cool setting until completely dry

Ironing Instructions

Do not Iron

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