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Waterproof Microfibre Pillow Protectors


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Protect your pillows with the Waterproof Microfibre Pillow Protector. A superb solution to improve the hygiene of your sleep space and increase the longevity of your pillows while enhancing comfort.

Main Features: 

  • Quilted Design
  • Easy to Fit

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Description

Features of the Waterproof Microfibre Pillow Protectors

Additional Layer of Comfort & Protection: 

The sumptuous quilted filling provides an additional level of support.

Easy Fit Design: 

These pillow protectors are easy to fit and care for.

Why use a Waterproof Microfibre Pillow Protector? 

A waterproof pillow protector provides ample protection to your pillow, keeping it looking like new. It achieves this by providing an effective barrier between the environment and the pillow inside, helping to maintain a good standard of hygiene by reducing the amount of perspiration, dust and other pollutants that it absorbs.

Pillow protectors also help to prolong the life of your pillow by reducing the amount of wear and tear. By acting as an effective barrier, they help to prevent discolouration caused by the perspiration.

Dust mites are a common issue in the UK and around the world, causing allergies and sleepless nights. Moisture absorbed by your pillow provides the perfect breeding ground for these mites.

Waterproof pillow protectors prevent moisture from reaching the pillow. That makes it a less attractive habitat for dust mites.

On top of all that, our pillow protectors have a layer of quilted padding for extra comfort.


Additional Information

Dimensions 74 × 48 cm




Cover Composition

100% Microfibre

Fill Composition

100% Polyester

Waterproof Backing

100% Polyproylene





Washing Instructions

Wash as synthetics up to 40°C, Wash with like colours, Do not bleach

Drying Instructions

Do not tumble dry, Line dry

Ironing Instructions

Do not Iron