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Waterproof Poly cotton Pillow Protectors


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Extend the high-quality condition of your pillow for longer with the Waterproof Polycotton Pillow Protector. Providing an effective layer of protection, it helps to prevent the pillow underneath from exposure to common contaminants like dirt and dust and provides a barrier against spills and stains.

Main Features:

  • Easy to Fit
  • Quilted Design

Out of stock

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Product Description

Features of the Waterproof Poly Cotton Pillow Protectors

Additional Layer of Comfort & Protection: 

The soft quilted cover provides an additional layer of comfort.

Easy Installation: 

All our pillow protectors are easy to fit and care for.

Why use a Waterproof Polycotton Pillow Protector? 

As you may have guessed, a pillow protector’s role is to help extend the life of your pillow. This is accomplished by it providing a protective barrier between the environment and the pillow underneath. This barrier maintains a high level of hygiene by limiting the number of contaminants it is exposed to, including dead skin cells, body odour and sweat.

Pillow protectors also reduce wear and tear exposure, in turn helping to extend the life of your pillow and prevent discoloration that results due to perspiration. And the waterproof backing offers further protection from spills and stains.

Another major advantage of using a pillow protector is the extra level of comfort they offer. The quilted cover provides an additional layer of cushioning to your pillow, instantly enriching the sleep experience.

If you struggle to sleep because of an allergy to dust mites, this product could help you. You’ll never need to worry about who’s slept on the pillow before you.

With a waterproof polycotton pillow protector you can sleep free from worries concerning the cleanliness of your pillow. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to have for breakfast.


Additional Information

Dimensions 74 × 48 cm




Cover Composition

30% Cotton, 70% Polyester

Fill Composition

100% Polyester

Waterproof Backing

100% Polyproylene



Washing Instructions

Do not Dry Clean, Wash as synthetics up to 40°C, Wash with like colours

Drying Instructions

Do not tumble dry, Line dry

Ironing Instructions

Do not Iron