If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been spending the past few weeks looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts.

Everyone likes to spoil their mothers on this one special day. Actually, if you’ve been waiting for Mother’s Day to make a fuss of your mum you’ve probably got some catching up to do! It’s a great time of year and the perfect reason for a family get together too.

Standard Mother’s Day fare like boxes of chocolates, candles, perfumes and bunches of flowers are a little predictable.

So, what sort of gift is a bit different, unexpected, and really shows some thought and consideration?

How about the indulgence of high thread count, pure Egyptian Cotton bedlinen?

Maybe the gift of a good night’s might be the answer to your search for a unique Mother’s Day gift – just make sure it goes on her bed and not anyone else’s!

Actually, there’s something quite cool about giving your mother a gift of pure cotton. You’ll be closing the circle. Think about all the times when you were a child and your mother tucked you up in bed, now it can be your turn to say thanks. What better way than to offer a levelled-up version of the same experience?

If you can accompany it with a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed of freshly squeezed orange juice, croissants and coffee, the more the better!

The only problem is that there are likely to be quite a few jealous mothers out there all wanting the same experience for themselves. You’ll be putting the pressure on your friends and family to upgrade!  Luckily Mediterranean Linens offers a wide range of products with different thread counts, different colours and patterns – each one of them a perfect Mother’s Day gift that shows just how special she is.