There’s nothing more exciting than treating yourself to a luxury hotel break and preparing yourself to relax and totally indulge. A beautiful oversized bed with a super comfortable mattress is often the centrepiece in a stylish, well-decorated hotel bedroom.

However, it is the sumptuous, crisp bedlinen that really makes this a 5 star experience. The feeling of high thread count cotton against your skin ensures that you get a really restful night’s sleep. Forget inferior polyester mixed blends and welcome in hotel quality bedding for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

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Is Hotel Quality Bedding the best?

As there is a choice of star ratings for hotels there will also be a wide range of bedlinen used. There is not a single standard for hotel quality bedding. Each hotel will have their own preference and you can expect to find more luxurious bedding in high end, premium chains or boutique hotels. This bedding will feel soft and light with an almost ‘silk like’ finish and will contrast with the rougher, heavier feel of the polyester cotton blends used in lower grade hotels.

Hotel Quality Bedding Thread Count

Hotels offering a 5 star rating will endeavour to use thread counts of between 400 and 600, often using their own signature designs or logos on the bedlinen to ensure their guests enjoy a totally unique experience.

Thread count, which is the number of threads in a square inch of fabric, can range from 200 to 600. Higher thread counts are made up of very fine yarns that create a soft, silky fabric that feels fabulous against the skin. And Egyptian cotton provides the ultimate in luxury. Their unique long staple yarns create the softest, lightest, breathable cotton that is incredibly durable.

Take a close look at a 600 thread count cotton and hold it in the light and you’ll see that the yarns are woven so closely together that no light is visible. And, despite the fact that the yarns are tightly woven, it still feels light. That’s because very fine yarns are used to weave this superior cotton giving this fabric a silk like finish that looks and feels amazing.

And because Egyptian cotton is made from naturally long yarns, it is extremely hardwearing making hotel quality bedding a great investment.

Why Do You Get a Great Night’s Sleep in Hotel Quality Bedding?

Apart from feeling great against the skin, high thread count Egyptian cotton wicks away moisture from the skin, helping to regulate body temperature at night ensuring that you remain cool in bed. It’s no wonder you get the best night’s sleep.

Where Can I Buy Hotel Quality Bedding?

Hotels source their bedlinen from an array of wholesale suppliers from all over the world. Some may buy directly from the factories that weave and manufacture, specifying their own designs to create bedlinen that is unique for their guests.

However, 5 star hotel bedding is now more widely available to buy online and you can now recreate that premium hotel feeling at home.

Hotel Bedding Collection

Mediterranean Linens have created their own collection of hotel quality bedding. ‘Hotel Chic’ is a range of luxurious 600 thread count cotton designs. Stylish woven stripes and exquisite embroidery feature in this range that comprises duvet covers, flat sheets and pillowcases. And with prices starting as low as £15.60 this is a piece of luxury that everyone can afford.

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