• A brand new duvet is one of life's pleasures. With bounce back technology, that fresh from the shop feeling lasts longer. They're filled with innovative spiral-shaped, hollow fibres. They're designed to bounce back, retaining their feel and shape for longer. If you want a luxury hotel experience at home, this product could make the difference. Main Features: 
    • 10.5 Tog Rating
    • Filled with Spiral Bouncy Hollow Fibre
    • Maintains It's Plump Full Appearance
  • Experience real comfort with the Bounceback Pillow. Our bounce back pillows contain spiral-shaped hollow fibres. These are soft, yet robust enough to spring back into shape every time. This pillow will keep its shape and texture even after washing. A bounce back pillow also gives more resistance to your body when you're lying down. They are perfect for anyone looking for more support for the head and neck. Main Features: 
    • Bounceback Filling
    • 700 gsm
    • Machine Washable
    • Single Pillow
  • The Hotel Chic Duck Feather and Down Duvet will give your bedroom a luxury hotel feel. This natural duvet contains 85% duck feather and 15% duck down. It's a comforting, heavier duvet for those looking for a perfect night's sleep. Main Features: 
    • Natural Filling with Thermal Properties
    • Boxed Stitched Pockets & Piped Edges
    • 13.5 Tog Rating
  • Experience divine comfort with the Hotel Chic Duck Feather and Down Pillows. We have filled this pillow with a mix of 85% duck feather and 15% duck down. That's the perfect blend for sumptuous softness, comfort and breathability. Main Features: • 100% Soft Cotton Outer Case • Natural Filling with Thermal Properties • Machine Washable Duvet Design • Corded Pipe Edging • Single Pillow
  • Experience the ultimate luxury bedding with our Goose Feather and Down Duvet. This duvet contains a generous combination of goose feathers and down. It's ideal for the autumn nights when temperatures are just starting to drop. Goose down feathers are warmer than duck and the higher ratio of feathers to down gives a cosy, weightier feel.
  • Create a luxury hotel experience with the Hotel Chic Goose Feather and Down Pillows. Filled with a blend of 85% goose feather and 15% goose down. These pillows provide a medium level of support. Medium support pillows are recommended for side sleepers. It's a luxury product that will become an essential as soon as you experience it. Main Features: 
    • Outer Case Made from 100% Cotton
    • Natural Filling with Thermal Properties
    • Ideal for Side Sleepers
    • 1 Pair of Pillows
  • Have a blissful night’s sleep with the Indulgence Range’s Microfibre Pillows. These super soft pillows are an alternative synthetic option to a natural filling. This product contains nothing of animal origin. Yet it provides the same level of comfort. It gives medium-support, great for those who sleep on their backs. Main Features: 
    • 1000 gsm Filling
    • Made with Premium Synthetic Fibres
    • A pair of pillows
  • Create a tranquil and calming space with the Indulgence Range Microfibre Duvet. It's filled with a lightweight microfibre that feels soft and airy. This is a luxury duvet with 10.5 tog rating. This duvet will keep you warm right through autumn and into winter. We've created special pockets in the duvet to make sure of an even distribution of filling, and a great night's sleep. Main Features: 
    • Pocket Design to Prevent Lumps
    • Light Microfibre Filling for that 'Just Like Down' Feel
    • 10.5 Tog Rating
  • Add some additional protection to your bed with the Microfibre Mattress Protector. Ideal for prolonging the life of your mattress and limiting wear and tear, it also provides a layer of added comfort. Main Features: 
    • Easy-Fit Elasticated Design
    • Provides a Layer of Comfort & Protection
    • Filling has Inherent Thermal & Comfort Properties
  • Protecting pillows from perspiration and wear and tear is easier than ever with a Microfibre Pillow Protector. Crafted with an ultra-soft microfibre filling, they help improve hygiene, increase the longevity of your pillow and enhance comfort all in one. Main Features:
    • Quilted Design
    • Easy to Fit
  • A good mattress is an investment that should last years. The products on this page can save you money by extending the life of your mattress. Our mattress protectors provide an effective barrier to guard against exposure from contaminants. Dirt, dust, spills and stains can all take their toll on your mattress. Main Features:
    • Waterproof Design
    • Easy-Fit Elasticated Corners
    • Provides a Layer of Comfort & Protection
    • Filling has Inherent Thermal & Comfort Properties
  • Help keep your mattress looking like new for longer with our Polycotton Mattress Protector. Effectively safeguarding your mattress from dirt, dust and stains, it provides a layer of protection and comfort. Main Features: 
    • Easy-Fit Elasticated Design
    • Provides a Layer of Comfort & Protection
    • Filling has Inherent Thermal & Comfort Properties

Egyptian Cotton Duvets and Pillows

Choosing the right pillow and duvet is so important to getting a good night’s sleep. Yet it’s a consideration that’s often overlooked. Make the wrong choice and you can be uncomfortable all night, too hot or too cold.

Doctors recommend 8 hours sleep a night, every night. If you’re spending that amount of time in bed, you want to make it as good an experience as possible. 8 hours a night, 56 hours a week, that’s just short of 3000 hours a year. The clothes you wear the most are your bed clothes. It’s a sound investment to buy the best you can afford.

Our pillows and duvets come in a range of sizes and with a choice of fillings. You can choose from traditional duck down and feather to brand new microfibres and the special bounceback filling. They all have different characteristics to suit different sleepers.

The microfibre filled duvets and pillows are the most economical, but they don’t compromise on style or quality. They’ve got a great feel and they keep their fullness, but at a lower price than the traditional down filled products.

If you want a bit more luxury and a totally natural product then there’s the duck down filled duvets and pillowcases. And at the top of the range is the goose down and feather filled version. Goose down is softer and the individual feathers are larger than with duck down which gives them a better insulating property. The addition of feathers makes for a heavier duvet for those cold winter nights.