Experts tell us that Egyptian cotton is the finest in the world, but have you ever wondered why?

In this blog we’ll take a closer look at why Egyptian cotton makes better bedding than regular cotton.

The Fibre Length

It’s important to understand what Egyptian Cotton is and why it’s so revered. This superior cotton grows on the fertile banks of the Nile river valley. The rich soil and unique climate of this region create the perfect growing conditions to produce long, superfine yarns. It is the long staple fibres of Egyptian cotton that make it so special. These are the fine strands that make up a raw piece of cotton. So why is long staple cotton so desirable? Simply put, the longer fibres produce a much softer and luxurious fabric.

The Harvest

When we’re ready to harvest our pure Egyptian cotton, we avoid damaging the extra-long fibres by handpicking only.  Handpicking is essential to preserve the long length of the cotton strands and to avoid contamination. Cotton matures from the base of the stem. Handpicking allows you to pick from the bottom of the stem first and then return a month or two later to collect cotton from the top when it has fully grown.

Machine harvesting takes the entire stem. Long and short fibres are mixed along with other unwanted materials such as grease, leaves and grit causing contamination and breakage of the longer strands of cotton. This is why regular cotton is weaker, shorter and coarser and simply won’t feel as soft and silky as Egyptian cotton.

The Strength and Durability

The longer, unbroken fibres of Egyptian cotton create a fabric which is more flexible and stronger than regular cotton. It feels softer and will last longer than other cottons. Even after many washes, Egyptian cotton won’t pill. That means it won’t produce those small balls of fibre on the surface of your sheets. It won’t degrade, which makes this product a good long-term investment. If cared for properly, Egyptian cotton should last a lifetime.

Holds Dye Better

According to the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) cotton can hold up to 27 times its own weight in water. Egyptian cotton yarns are even more porous than other types of cotton. It will absorb dye more effectively, which means your coloured bed linen won’t fade, it will remain bright and vibrant compared to lower grades of cotton.

More Breathable

Because the yarns are so fine, air can pass through the sheets more easily. That high level of breathability will help ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Poorer grades of cotton can cause you to feel overheated during the night because they are less breathable. This is why Egyptian cotton provides great relief for ‘hot’ sleepers.

All cotton is able to draw moisture away from your skin. That absorbency is why it makes such good towels and bathrobes. Egyptian cotton, because of its porous nature, is especially absorbent.

The Take Home

In summary, Egyptian cotton is superior because:

  • The yarns are finer and softer, producing bed linen that looks and feels light and silky.
  • Egyptian cotton is more durable.
  • Coloured bed linen remains vibrant, even after multiple washes.
  • Egyptian cotton is a naturally breathable fabric.

So whilst you will pay more for Egyptian cotton bed linen, you won’t regret investing in softer, finer bed linen that will ensure you have the best night’s sleep.