Mediterranean Linens offers the sort of luxury that queen Cleopatra herself would have expected, brought to you at an affordable price because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

We aim to offer the highest quality products and customer service. In fact, we want our customer experience to be seamless.

Mediterranean Linens came from humble beginnings with a small weaving mill in Alexandria, Egypt.

What we stand for, first and foremost, is quality and luxury at a fair price. But there’s a lot more than that, our vision is to create an organisation that represents everything that’s great about the history, tradition and beauty of Cotton, but also making the most of modern ideas about sustainability, social responsibility and modern technology.

To put it simply, we care about the planet and the Human race, and our products are a celebration of that. This is at the centre of our corporate values; we really care, and the evidence is abundantly clear.

Firstly, we do not, never have and never will, employ children in our factory and all our bedlinen products are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way. We directly employ 2500 people in our facility in Egypt and we are absolutely committed to be a great employer both in the UK and in Egypt. We do that by providing education opportunities, on the job training, apprenticeships, and a full service creche so that our staff don’t have to worry about their children when they are at work.

We care for the planet. Not only is Cotton 100% biodegradable, so plastic micro fibres don’t end up polluting the ocean, but we don’t use plastic packaging either – all our bed linen products are packed in a reusable cotton bag. And our factory is continually reviewing and improving the production methods to cut down waste and reduce the use of water and chemicals.

When we say we care, we really mean it. The evidence is in everything we do.